What a Child ! He got Single sitting Pulpectomy (RCT) of 4 teeth by CHILD DENTIST & still smiling!



Child Dentists try their best level to keep the kids cooperative and rejoiced on Dental Chair. Turning the fearful & anxious child into a smiling one is a big task. This boy came into Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida with Parents to visit Dr. Binny Vashist – Best Child Dentist in Greater Noida. He was fearful and very anxious. He was made to entangle into some friendly conversations with us. We could make him relaxed very soon. A big thanks to his understanding parents too. 


As the boy sat on Dental Chair with his free will, Rest all was done very comfortably by us. He had early childhood caries & thus we planned for multiple pulpectomies for earliest full mouth rehabilitation. Thanks to this sweet boy he kept on cooperating us throughout the treatment and got pulpectomy in 4 teeth. Above all a cute smile by him after the procedure made our day. 

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