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Oral Irrigator - Best Inter-Dental Cleaning Device


Teeth are in contact with the adjacent tooth or prosthesis. The contact area may be a small or considerable point. Usually these contact areas between the teeth are tight. This prevents lodgement of food between the teeth. However these contact areas between our Teeth are still prone to food accumulation which can be tedious job to be cleaned. If these areas are filled with food lodgement over time, there may be development of Dental Caries or Periodontal Problem. 


In India, People have been largely made aware of importance of Teeth Cleaning and Oral Hygiene. However, There is not much significant awareness regarding Inter-Dental Cleaning or Hygiene. 


Dentists, Pediatric Dentist or Child Dentist, Orthodontist and Periodontist at Peoples Dental Clinic, Jagat Farm, Greater Noida, strongly recommend Oral Irrigators or Water Flossers to everyone for Best Inter-Dental Hygiene practice. 

Dental flosses, Inter-Dental Brushes and wedges have deteriorating effects on  Inter-Dental Papillae. They flatten the gums between teeth which leads to increase in unusual gap between teeth. These gaps further favor Food Lodgement leading to future Oral Health problems like Dental Caries, Halotosis &/or Periodontal Pocket. 




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