Our exclusive offer on Orthodontic Treatment for Teeth Straightening

Orthodontic Treatment for teeth straightening at best prices in Peoples Dental Clinic

Offer on Orthodontic Treatment for Teeth Straightening

Crooked, irregular, proclined, retroclined, deep biting or mal-aligned teeth ? Give them a chance to have teeth straightening  done.

You can get all that in just Flat treatment bill of INR 22000/-.only.*

* Above prices are inclusive of complete orthodontic treatment with a set of metal braces.


* Retainers (charges extra) are fabricated for preventing the relapse of Orthodontic Treatment.

They are worn for at-least 6 months after the treatment completion.

Charges for retainers are supposed to be deposited after the treatment


* We allow relaxed payments with initial minimum treatment installment as INR 10000/- only.


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