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Wisdom Tooth Removal Doctor in Greater Noida

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Dr. Ishan Singh

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

There is no pre-decisive cost amount for the Wisdom tooth extraction. We at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida put price as per the difficulty index of removal of wisdom tooth. These difficulty indices are set and assessed by the Dental Surgeon himself.

Usually the starting price of Wisdom tooth removal is ₹1500/-. The surgery may be charged above that up to ₹20000/- as per difficulty indices.

Wisdom Teeth Age of Eruption

Wisdom teeth age of eruption can not be specified. It may vary from person to person. Wisdom tooth or third molar can erupt at the age range from 17 years till 35 years. However there can be exceptions too. Sometimes third molars can stay partially erupted till certain age & suddenly erupt fully in mouth in short period of span.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Third Molars or Wisdom Teeth are last one to erupt in mouth. In the current generation of humans there is diminished jaw size. This is because of processed and relatively softer diet as compared with that of earlier generations. Diminished jaw sizes lead majorly into partial or complete Impaction of Wisdom Teeth or Third Molars. Such third molars may or may not cause inflammation of surrounding soft tissues and teeth. This condition is called as Pericoronitis.

Impacted third molars should be regularly followed up with Dentists. In case of pericoronitis Dental Surgeons may advise to surgically extract the tooth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Service in Greater Noida

Are you experiencing Severe Pain in Wisdom Tooth radiating towards Ear, Head and Neck ?

Meet our Dental Surgeon – Dr. Ishan Singh today for painless Wisdom Teeth Removal Service in Greater Noida only at Peoples Dental Clinic.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Pain

This question is always uncanny until the third molar removal is done.

Most of wisdom teeth extraction surgeries are painless. However sometimes the infection is chronic enough. Chronic infection cases take time to get anaesthetized. We at Peoples Dental Clinic, specialize in Pain-free Tooth Extractions.

There is pinch of negligible pain in administering Local Anesthesia. As the anesthesia works properly we pull out the third molar tooth surgically under completely numb or painless conditions. In case the procedure seems to be painful, we may repeat the administration of Local Anesthesia to ensure no Pain.

Pain after Wisdom Tooth Removal or Extraction

More the time in Wisdom Tooth Extraction procedure, more can be the post extraction pain. If the dentist has to severe bone, raise bigger flap and make 2 or more sutures after surgery, pain can be more. However we have noticed many exceptions.

Easier the wisdom tooth removal, lesser are the chances of pain afterwards. You can minimize this pain if you properly follow the Post-Operative Instructions by Dentist pertaining to third molar extraction. Dr. Ishan Singh gives hand-written and detailed instructions to patients for thier speedy and pain-free recovery after the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Time/Duration

Wisdom teeth extractions are now a days shorter in time or duration. This is because of better equipment available for Exodontia. However largely the duration of wisdom teeth removal also depends on dexterity and knowledge of Dentist. The wisdom teeth removal time varies from 5 minutes to 3 hours.

Horizontally impacted wisdom teeth usually take longer time to be extracted.

9 out of 10 Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedures end in 15 minutes


Peoples Dental Clinic

Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Painless & Shorter Duration

Expert Dental Surgeon

Dr. Ishan Singh

Third Molar Extraction in Greater Noida

Dr. Ishan Singh is expert Dentist for Third Molar Extraction in Greater Noida.

He is Chief Dentist at Peoples Dental Clinic, Jagat Farm, Greater Noida. Dr. Ishan Singh has expertise in pain free Tooth Extractions. He has good hold over Tooth Extraction Forceps and Elevators.

Why book Dentist at Peoples Dental Clinic

All you want is pain free, hassle free and swift third molar extraction by a friendly, dexterous, experienced and qualified Dentist. We have all that for you in One person. Book an Instant appointment with Dr. Ishan Singh (BDS, MDS) today and leave your worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wisdom Tooth ?

Wisdom Tooth is also known as third molar. Wisdom Teeth are the last teeth in human jaws to erupt. However they may be partially erupted or Impacted in jaws due to diminished size. In case of partial eruption and impaction, it is better to remove them with help of Wisdom Teeth Extraction Dentist near by.

What is the age range of wisdom teeth to erupt in humans?

Wisdom teeth can start to erupt from 16 years age onwards. However third molars or wisdom teeth may erupt from any age between 16 years to 35 years.

Why do wisdom teeth cause pain ?

The main reason behind pain in wisdom teeth is eruption status. People with smaller jaw size experience such pain because of partially erupted or impacted third molars. In case of smaller jaws wisdom teeth get stuck in localized area. This causes inflammation of localized area. One should see a wisdom teeth extraction doctor in such case.

I am experiencing pain in jaw radiating towards ear, head and neck. Is it due to Wisdom Tooth ?

Most likely such kind of pain that radiates from jaws to head, neck and ear originates from Wisdom Tooth. One should get the dental check up with wisdom tooth doctor near by.

What is pericoronitis ?

Pericoronits is an Oral Diagnostic term whereby "Peri" refers to Around, "Coron" refers to tooth and "Itis" refers to inflammation. Thus Pericoronitis is term for inflammation around wisdom tooth. Any situation leading to pain, swelling and redness around third molar refers to Pericoronitis.

Who is Best Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dentist in Greater Noida ?

Dr. Ishan Singh and Dr. Rohit Awana are Greater Noida's most experienced and qualified dentists for third molar removal.

What is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost in Greater Noida?

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost largely varies as per the difficulty index of the case. This difficulty index is assessed by the Specialist dentist for Wisdom Tooth Removal. However most of the Dentists in Greater Noida charge from Cost range between INR 1500/- to INR 20000/- for third molar extraction.

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