Root Canal Treatment Doctor in Greater Noida

Root Canal Treatment Doctor in Greater Noida

Dr. Ishan Singh


RCT / Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment or Therapy (RCT) is the most common Dental treatment required usually to treat toothache. While reading here you will get to know about the following aspects of root canal treatment :

RCT / Root Canal Treatment Cost in Greater Noida

We at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida follow the UCR fee concept. UCR refers to Usual Customary Reasonable Fee.

Our management team has researched the various comparable Dental Clinics in Greater Noida to decide the Root Canal Treatment or RCT cost.

• They first summated the cumulative RCT cost of those dental clinics.

• This summation of fee is used to take out the Mean of value.

• Lastly there is reduction of 15% in the cumulative mean value of RCT cost in dental clinics of Greater Noida.

Thus the calculated Root Canal Treatment Cost currently comes out to be ₹3350/- at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida Branch.

RCT / Root Canal Treatment Steps or Procedure

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is a multi-step Endodontic Dental Treatment as following :

  • Confirmation of Clinical and Radiographic Diagnosis
  • Administration of Topical and Local Anesthesia
  • Complete Removal of Decayed part of Tooth
  • De-Occluding the tooth from contact of opposite or antagonist tooth
  • Opening the Access Points of Canals present in the Tooth Roots/ Root
  • Determining the Length of Tooth Root or Roots from the highest occlusal side of Tooth.
  • Bio-Mechanical Preparation (BMP) of Root Canals. This includes removal of Dental Pulp (Pulpectomy) and irrigation of tooth roots with Irrigating Solution with appropriate medicinal value.
  • Placement of Intra-Canal Medicament in Tooth Roots. In case of Single Sitting RCT, BMP is followed directly by Obturation
  • Closure of Tooth With Permanent Filling or Post-Endo Filling.

Endodontist – Root Canal Treatment Specialist Dentist

Endodontist or Root Canal Treatment Specialist Dentist specializes in handling the most complex endodontic treatments. He/She goes through stringent training regarding all complexities in diseases of Dental Pulp. Endodontics refers to the branch of Dentistry that deals with prevention and cure of diseases including dental pulp and/or surrounding tissues.

Specialist Dentists are preferred when the case is complex and can be better tackled than that by General Dental Practitioner.

General Dentist vs Root Canal Treatment Specialist

A General Dentist is a dental surgeon who performs routine dental procedures. He/She can perform all dental treatments. Root Canal Treatment or RCT is the most common Dental Treatment performed in any Dental Practice. It is obvious that most of the dental treatments by general dentists include RCTs followed by Dental Crowns, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Dental Fillings, Dental Scaling, Teeth Whitening and routine dental procedures.

However, A Root Canal Treatment Specialist majorly practices on Endodontics. This is field including treatment of dental diseases pertaining to Pulp of Teeth. They specialize in handling the complex and complicated Root Canal Treatment Cases. As a patient it is financially better to go for General Dentist for Root Canal Treatment as they are economical than Root Canal Specialist Dentist.

Single Sitting RCT Vs Multiple Sitting RCT

Single Sitting RCT can be done in two conditions. Firstly when intentional RCT is done in Healthy Tooth to make it a supportive system (Abutment) for Prosthesis. Second of all it can be done when the Tooth Caries is confined within the tooth itself and no surrounding tissues are infected. For example if a tooth with abscess is to be treated, the later option is better. Teeth with peri-apical and soft tissue infections are treated with Multiple Sitting RCT. Multiple Sittings are planned to give medication to the surrounding area.

Single Sitting RCT Cost in Greater Noida

Single Sitting RCT cost in Greater Noida at Peoples Dental Clinic is based on UCR Fee System. UCR Fee refers to Usual Customary Reasonable Fee. Our Management team counts the overall cumulative mean of cost of Single Sitting RCT by MDS Dentists in Greater Noida. This mean is reduced by 15% to find out the reasonable fee for Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment in Greater Noida.

Single Sitting RCT Cost in Greater Noida at Peoples Dental Clinic is ₹ 3350/- (As per UCR Fee Concept).

Multiple Sitting RCT Cost in Greater Noida

Multiple Sitting RCT Cost in Greater Noida at Peoples Dental Clinic is ₹ 3350/- (As per UCR Fee Concept).

Rotary RCT vs Hand Filing RCT

Rotary RCT refers to Root Canal Treatment where by the Dentist Uses Endo-Motor based Rotary System. Endo Motor is a machine that felicitates the desired rotation of Root Canal Filing System under pre-decided RPM ( Rotations Per Minute ) & Torque. However the initial filing of the Root Canals of tooth are done by Hand Filings. The Hand Filing is done till the proper entry of Rotary Files is Possible. Rotary RCT is nowadays preferred mode of Advanced Root Canal Treatment as it is more accurate and reduces overall treatment time.

In case of Hand Filing the time taken to execute whole RCT Treatment is comparatively almost double. This leads to fatigue of TMJ Joints of patient. Also, The errors are more common in Hand Filing system as it largely depends on dexterity of the Treating Doctor.


Who is Root Canal Treatment Specialist Dentist ?

Any Dentist who is expert in executing perfect root canal treatment with best capabilities to handle all complications. RCT Specialist dentists can perform Single Sitting RCT and Re- Root Canal Treatments routinely.

Who is RCT / Root Canal Treatment Doctor at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida?

Dr. Ishan Singh is rendered as Best Root Canal Treatment Doctor in Greater Noida. He holds expertise in performing complex RCT treatments Deeply Decayed teeth with spread of infection.

Does Dr. Ishan Singh do Rotary Root Canal Treatment ?

Most of the root canal therapy procedures done by Dr. Ishan involve Rotary instruments. However initial Hand-Instrumentation is an essence in Endodontic or RCT treatments.

Does Dr. Ishan Singh perform Single Sitting RCT or Root Canal Treatment?

Yes ! Most of RCT Treatments by Dr. Ishan Singh are done in single visit. However decayed teeth with swelling, excessive bleeding and peri apical infections are treated with Multiple Visit RCT.

Does the doctor prescribe Antibiotics and painkillers after RCT ?

It depends on the severity of infection in the treated tooth. Usually antibiotics, painkillers, probiotic and anta-acids are prescribed as needful.

How commonly does the doctor at this dental clinic do RCT treatments?

RCT or Root Canal Treatment is the most common dental treatment done at our dental clinic. Dental Crowning and Wisdom Tooth Extraction are the second most common treatments.

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