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Orthodontist in Greater Noida

Dr. Sachin Bansal

Braces Dentist | Orthodontist Doctor | Dentist for Teeth Alignement

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Dr. Sachin Bansal

Orthodontist ~BDS, MDS (Orthodontics) ✓✓

9+ Years Experience

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FS Plaza, Jagat Farm, Gamma 1, Greater Noida

~ Peoples Dental Clinic

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Initial Dental Consultations for Orthodontic Treatment are allotted to Dr. Ishan Singh.

Dr. Sachin Bansal is Orthodontist doctor (Braces Dentist in Greater Noida) at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida since 2012. He is expert in delivering qualitative Orthodontic Treatments. His key specialization is Braces treatment for Teeth Alignment. Dr. Sachin Bansal and Dr. Ishan Sing are duo dentists who work together to ensure timely completion of braces treatment.

Orthodontist Doctor

Orthodontist Doctor is a specialist Dentist who does MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) in Orthodontics. They specialize in providing following Orthodontic Treatments :

  1. Bite Correction with Braces
  2. Bite Correction with Lingual Braces or invisible Braces
  3. Bite Correction with Aligners
  4. Eruption of Impacted Permanent Teeth
  5. Orthodontic Retainers – Removable/fixed
  6. Teeth Alignment
  7. Teeth Gaps Closure
  8. Metal, Ceramic and Colored Braces Treatments
  9. Teen Orthodontics
  10. Pediatric Orthodontics
  11. Oral Appliance for Oral Habit Breaking like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting etc
  12. Mayo-functional Orthodontic Appliances

Ortho means Bone | Dontics Means Teeth. Orthodontics deals with teeth alignment through resorption & deposition of bone.

Orthodontist Appointment Planning at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida

Appointments and follow ups are the key in timely completion of long term orthodontic treatments. Here are the appointment and follow up duties of patients and Orthodontist at our Dental Clinic :

  • First appointment is purely for Orthodontic Treatment planning only.
  • As per the treatment option selected, Braces or aligners are ordered in 1st appointment.
  • In case of requirement of Orthodontic Tooth Extractions, patients visit Dr. Ishan Singh as per the mutual timings and comfort.
  • Orthodontic Appointments are kept 4 times every month. Patients can chose relevant date for treatment.
  • Follow ups, maintenance and teeth cleaning between Orthodontic Appointments are handled by Dr. Ishan Singh.
  • All braces, retainers and aligners work are allocated to Dr. Sachin Bansal.
  • The total treatment cost is paid in EMIs till first 6 months.
  • Any breakage of brackets, wire or components of Braces kit are chargeable.
  • BLR – Fixed Retainers are the compulsive Orthodontic Retainer except for few conditions where BLR can not be placed
  • Patients are strongly advised to purchase Oral Irrigators/Water Flossers to keep the Braces clean & tidy. This avoids secondary dental issues that may arise due to food lodgment in Braces.
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