Peoples Dental Clinic Family Offer

Family Dental Package

Unlimited Dental Consultations

4 Family Members Covered

Validity : 12 months

₹ 500/-

Offer period ends on 31 Dec 2021

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Family Dental Package

Terms & Conditions

1) Package entitles to 4 Family Members

2) Validity of the package expires in 1 Year. For Instance if you buy the package on 15th Dec 2021, it will expire on 14th Dec 2022

3) Those 4 family members can avail Unlimited Dental Consultations at Greater Noida branch.

4) Package provides the Waiver of Consultation fee. However Treatment cost is payable as per Tariff.

5) Consultation by our Dentist includes Case History, Detailed Oral Examination, Single Tooth X-ray, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Charting.

6) Package is not adjustable in any Treatment Cost.

7)This offer can be verified from Google Business Profile link

Offer period ends on 31 Dec 2021

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Dental Offer at Peoples Dental Clinic


How many family members are covered in the Package?

Four Family Members

When is the package fee payable?

Package fee is payable before the first Dental Consultation.

Can we adjust the Consultation Fee if already paid ?

Yes. For Instance if 2 family members have paid consultation fee, We can deduct their consultation amount and adjust in Package fee.

Can we adjust the Family Dental Package Fee in Dental Treatments ?

No. Package fee is not adjustable in any dental treatment.

What if I have 5 or more Family Members to get Dental Consultations?

You can pay INR 125/- per family member to add more.

When can I Start getting consultations after the Package is bought?

Instantly as per the appointments with our Dentists. Appointments will be fixed mutually by patients as per dentist's availability.

Who are the Dentists available for Consultations ?

Dentists available for dental consultations are Dr. Ishan Singh (BDS, MDS - PHD), Dr. Sachin Bansal (BDS, MDS)

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