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How does Dentist finally do Dental Crown Placement on tooth?

A Dentist undergoes multi-year training to provide tooth crown preparation services. Preparation of tooth for crowns incudes designing and shaping of teeth. A tooth is made smaller. Here is the checklist below followed by Dentists for placing Dental Crown or Tooth Crown on prepared tooth/teeth.

  1. On Tooth Crown receival from Dental Lab, Dentist should Check the cast and look for Prepared tooth in it.
  2. Doctor should now Check for high points in Dental Cast itself.
  3. Clean the tooth of patient properly. See with mirror for any food lodgment specially in interdental area.
  4. Place the Dental Crown in Patient’s Mouth. Determine the Buccal (towards Cheek) & Lingual/Palatal (towards tongue or palate).
  5. Dental Surgeon should now Check for Dental Occlusion and marginal integrity of dental crown with the tooth.
  6. If high points are noticed, check them with articulating paper. If the high points in occlusion are slightly high, we can do enameloplasty of opposite tooth.
  7. Send the work again to Dental laboratory, If poor marginal integrity leading either rocking/wiggling of crown and/or to visibility of tooth’s root.
  8. Remove the crown from the prepared tooth through hand or dental instrument.
  9. Keep the tooth crown in control while its removal from Prepared Tooth. Make sure crown does not fall out of hands of Dentist or dental tray of chair.
  10. Clean the crown (Saliva and liquid) and make it dry through compressed air or cotton.
  11. Preferably keep the crown back to dental cast and again determine the buccal and lingual/palatal side.
  12. Clean the prepared tooth in patient’s mouth and make it dry.
  13. Mix the required amount of GIC (Dental Cement for crown fixation) in luting consistency. Dentists can choose any relevant Dental Crown adhesive system as per best suited past experiences.
  14. Apply the Mixed GIC on margins of crown with tip of Agate dental Spatula.
  15. Place the crown on prepared tooth snugly.
  16. Ask the patient immediately to chew 2-3 times and confirm absence of high points in teeth occlusion from patient.
  17. If problematic at this stage, immediately remove crown and clean both crown and prepared tooth. Repeat the procedure.
  18. If Patient accepts crown’s fit, hold the dental crown with double finger control.
  19. Make Sure the dental crown does not rock/wiggle.
  20. Hold for 2 to 3 minutes and check for setting of Mixed GIC on Glass Slab/Mixing Pad. Dentist should not make hurry at this point.
  21. Remove the extra flash from margins of Dental Crown in interdental area while holding the crown tightly.
  22. Give the following instructions to the patient.
  • Do not consume water/liquid till 1 hour
  • Do not eat from the side where Dental Crown has been fixed till 24 hours.
  • Do not bite on crown till 1st 24 hours

Authorized Dentist for 3M Dental Crowns in Greater Noida

Dr. Ishan Singh is authorized doctor specialist for 3M Dental Crowns in Greater Noida. 3M dental crowns come with Warranty Card that can be authenticated through their official website. Dental Crowns from 3M can be authenticated only through registered and authorized 3M or Elite-Dentists.

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Prices of 3M dental crowns vary from time to time. One should contact us for current prices of specific dental crown from 3M.

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