Here is the Table for Dental Treatment charges at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida. (We follow UCR FEE Concept – Usual Customary Reasonable Fee)


Endodontic & Conservative Dentistry Treatments Cost




Doctor’s Consultation Fee₹200/-
Tooth X-Ray (IOPA)₹100/- per tooth
Single Sitting RCT (Root Canal Treatment)₹3350/-₹4000/-
RCT – Root Canal Treatment ₹3350/-
Re- Root Canal Treatment ₹4000/-
Removal of Old Prosthesis₹500/-
Removal of Old Root Canal Material₹500/-
Intra-canal Medicament ₹500/-
Indirect Pulp Capping ₹1250/-
Composite Restoration Price ₹850/-
GIC Dental Filling ₹550/-


Prosthodontic Dentistry Treatments Price




PFM Cad/Cam Dental Crown₹3500/-
Zirconia Dental Crown (Metal Free Crown)₹6000/-
PFM Cad/Cam Crown with 10 Years Warranty* (By Glow Dental Arts)₹5600/-
Zirconia Dental Crown with 10 Years Warranty* (By Glow Dental Arts)₹8000/-
PFT Cad/Cam Dental Crown₹4500/-
Zirconia Dental Crown with 15 Years Warranty* (By Glow Dental Arts)₹10500/-
Zirconia Dental Crown with 10 Years Warranty* (By 3M Lava)₹13500/-
Zirconia Dental Crown with 15 Years Warranty* (By 3M Lava)₹16500/-
SS Crown, Acrylic Temporary Crown ₹1500/-
Precision Attachment (Exclusive of Crowns)₹6500/-
Gold Alloy Crown ₹6500/-
Old Crown Luting Charges₹650/-

* Warranty is against breakage of dental crown (Any underlying infection in tooth voids the warranty)




Acrylic RPD Plate per arch₹1500/-
Acrylic Teeth (Ruthinium) ₹950/-
Acrylic Teeth (Acryrock)₹850/-
Acrylic Teeth (Generic)₹650/-
Ceramic Teeth ₹4500/-
Acrylic RPD Plate per arch (Lucitone)₹2000/-
Complete Dentures (Acrylic) per arch₹12000/-
Complete Denture with CoCr Frame per arch ₹25000/-
Complete Denture (Ceramic Teeth) per arch₹52000/-
Complete Denture (Tooth & Implant Supported)Varies* 

* Cost varies as per complexity and treatment requirements






SINGLE IMPLANT (without crown)


Osstem Dental Implants₹20000/-₹225000/- per arch
Alpha Bio-Med Oral Implants₹23500/-₹245000/- per arch
Dentium Implants₹23000/-₹242000/- per arch
Noble BioCare Active Implants₹40000/-₹400000/- per arch
Implant Supported PFM Crown₹4500/-
Implant Supported Zirconia Crown₹7500/-
Implant Supported PFM Crown₹7500/- (10 Yrs Warranty)
Implant Supported Zirconia Crown₹10500/- (10 Yrs Warranty)
Implant Supported Temporary Crown₹2500/-


Orthodontics – Treatment Charges


Braces Cost, Metal Braces Cost, Ceramic Braces Price, Lingual Braces Charges, Invisible Braces Price, Teeth Alignment service fee, Aligners Charges, Aligner Treatment Plans


Metal Braces + BLR & Bioplast Retainers₹25000/- + ₹10000/- = ₹35000 – ₹45000
Ceramic Braces + BLR & Bioplast Retainers₹38000/- + ₹10000/- = ₹48000- ₹58000
Ceramic Braces (Premium) + Retainers₹50000/- + ₹10000/- = ₹60000 – ₹70000
Invisible or Lingual Braces (Metal) + Retainers₹110000/- + ₹10000/- = ₹120000/-
Invisible or Lingual Braces (Ceramic) + Retainers₹125000/- + ₹10000/- = ₹135000/-
BLR Fixed Orthodontic Retainer₹8000/-
Bio-Plast Removable Orthodontic Retainer₹4000/-
Invisalign (Aligners)Varies case to case (Call)
Illusion (Aligners)Varies case to case (Call)
Toothsi (Aligners)Varies case to case (Call)


Periodontics – Treatment Charges



Teeth Cleaning Price, Teeth Whitening Cost, Dental Scaling charges, Dental Bleaching Cost


Full Mouth Teeth Cleaning₹1500/-
Segmental Deep Scaling₹500/- per quadrant
Sub-Gingival Curettage₹2000/-
Tobacco Stains Removal₹2500/-
Teeth Whitening/Dental Bleaching₹5000/- for front 16 teeth surfaces
Night Guard₹2000/- per arch


Minor Oral Surgery – Treatment Charges


Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction₹2500/- to ₹10000/-
Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction₹1500/- to ₹10000/-
Impacted Tooth Extraction₹6500/- to ₹10000/-
Apicectomy₹5500/- to ₹10000/-
Frenectomy₹8000/- to ₹10000/-
Sinus lift Surgery for Dental Implants₹8000/- to ₹15000/-
Oral Fibroma Removal ₹3500/- to ₹6500/-
Oral Cyst Treatment₹3500/- to ₹10000/-
Oral Lesion Biopsy₹5000/- to ₹8000/-
Tongue Tie Removal₹6500/- to ₹8000/-



             Here are the terms and conditions for the dental treatment charges at Peoples Dental Clinic in Greater Noida:

  1. The consultation fee of Rs. 200/- is valid for seven days or the day of completion of the treatment plan.

  2. Follow-up consultation fee/charges are Rs. 100 per visit.

  3. Dental X-ray (IOPA Xray) fee is Rs. 100 per tooth.

  4. The prices listed for RCT, dental crowns, wisdom tooth extraction, tooth extraction, cosmetic dental treatments, braces treatment, dental fillings, and dental implants are subject to change.

  5. The actual cost may vary depending on the complexity of the dental procedure, the number of visits required, and any additional treatments that may be necessary.

  6. The prices listed for braces treatment include orthodontic retainers to be given after braces removal.

  7. The cost of aligners (Invisalign, Toothsi, Flash Orthodontics) varies from case to case and aligner selection.

  8. The prices listed for dental implants do not include the cost of prosthetic parts like abutments and dental implant crowns, which are additional.

  9. Payment for dental treatments is required in full at the time of service.

  10. The clinic accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

  11. The clinic does not accept personal checks.

  12. The clinic offers a 0% EMI scheme for certain treatments, and patients can call 8130624837 for more information.

  13. Any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments must be done at least 24 hours in advance, or a cancellation fee may be charged.

  14. The clinic reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

  15. The clinic is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property during dental treatment.

  16. The clinic is not responsible for any complications or adverse effects resulting from dental treatment. Patients must sign a consent form before treatment begins.

  17. The clinic may refer patients to specialists for certain treatments, and the fees charged by the specialist are separate from the fees charged by the clinic.


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Are the Dental Treatment charges at Peoples Dental Clinic regulated?

Our Dental Treatment charges are as per the UCR Fee concept. It is Usual Customary Reasonable Fee. Our management team did a survey of Dental Treatment charges at various Dental Clinics in Greater Noida managed by MDS Dentists. Their dental treatment charges were used to formulate the UCR Fee of our Treatment costs.

Are these Dental Services Cost negotiable?

Negotiations are not entertained at Peoples Dental Clinic, Greater Noida. We believe in serving the uniform Dental Services to Every visitor.

What is the cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation Dental Treatment?

Cost of Full Mouth Rehabilitation treatments depends on all the treatments required to rehab the mouth. Patients can get to know their custom treatment plans and fees on Consultation with our Dentist.

How can I pay the Dental Treatment Fee? What are the Payment Modes Accepted at the Clinic?

We accept Dental Services Charges via Cash, UPI, Digital Wallets, Online, VISA/MASTERCARD/RUPAY-Debit / Credit Cards. Cheques are subject to payment realization.

Do I Need to pay in advance for the dental treatments?

Yes, We require advance payments to accomplish the services.

Can I make the Advance Payment towards my future Dental treatments?

Yes. We credit the advance payments in our Clinic Management Software. As you avail the dental service in future, Your payments will be settled from Advance amount.

What is the procedure to get the refund of Dental Treatment Cost?

Refund of Dental Treatments is not valid. However you can get refund of Advance payments only.

Can I make the part payment of treatment cost in different payment modes like half in cash, half in Online mode?

Yes you can chose any valid payment mode to pay for Dental Services availed.

When do I get the Bill or Invoice of my Payments towards Dental Treatment charges?

We usually create online bills/invoice through our software on same day. Sometimes due to technical glitch or heavy workload we may send the bill/invoice on next working day.

Are the Dental Treatments Charges at Peoples Dental Clinic covered under Dental Insurance schemes.

Yes, There are many Dental Insurance providers that have paneled Peoples Dental Clinic on their Board.

Are the International Credit Cards valid for Payments?

Usually we accept most of the credit cards however valid MTR charges & GST must be compensated by the Payee.

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