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Dentist suggested tips while Fasting ( Happy Navratri )

A very Happy Navratri 2019. Fasting is a good workout for our body system that has many merits. However there are several Dental Health’s point of views to be shared hereby. 




A few changes in Mouth occur while fasting. Emergence of Pungent smell in mouth due to accumulation of Sulphur compounds. There is lack of saliva flow in mouth while fasting that leads to development of plaque and/or tooth decay in some cases. Denture wearers may get ulceration in mouth due to dry mouth and increased friction of dentures.



What are the DENTIST suggested tips while fasting ??

  1. Cut down on sticky foods, Caffeine, dry food etc
  2. Keep your mouth hydrated with increased intake of water, juices, citrus fruits etc
  3. Rinse your mouth multiple times in a day
  4. Brush at least twice a day
  5. Denture wearers should keep their mouth hydrated and clean dentures multiple times

Dr. Ishan ( Chief Dentist at Peoples Dental Clinic )

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