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fluoride varnish application for dental caries prevention at peoples dental clinic by pediatric dentist in greater noida

Dental Caries prevention by Fluoride Varnish


Fluoride Varnish application

As child’s teeth are more prone to decay. As they lack proper dexterity of brushing. This makes teeth more prone to caries attack. Application of fluoride varnishes at regular intervals strengthens the tooth structure.They also have anti caries properties. Not only do the permanent but also milk teeth benefit from fluoride treatment.

For children under 3 years of age

The professional application of fluoride by Pediatric Dentist is particularly recommended because of the ease of application, patient acceptance and proven anti -decay benefits. For maximum benefits, reapplication should be made every 3-6 months.

dental crowns & bridges at peoples dental clinic greater noida

Dental Crowns & Bridges – Tooth Capping


Dental crowns are a secure way to fill gaps and help restore your smile if you have missing or damaged teeth. A crown can also help you bite and chew better, which can positively impact your body overall, such as a your digestive system.

We offer a variety of handcrafted and Cad-Cam Designed crown styles. Your dentist will help you determine what crown is best for you based on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and your body chemistry. Below are the Types of Dental Crowns we offer :

  • Metal Crowns : Titanium, Co-Cr Crowns, SS Crowns , NPG Gold Crowns
  • PFM ( Porcelain Fused with Metal ) Crowns
  • Metal Free Crowns : Zirconia, E-max, Monolith etc
  • Composite Crowns
  • Acrylic Crowns – Temporary Crowns
  • Maryland Bridges
  • Fixed Partial Dentures ( FPD )
  • Cantilever Bridges
  • Dental Implant Supported Crowns of all types
  • Precision Attachment Bridge

* Available in both Handcrafted and Cad-Cam Designed Crown styles.

Dental Crowns for child


All types of dental crowns for child available. Choose it for your child with our pediatric dentist for best tooth restoring. Pediatric dental crowns are usually pre-fabricated. They are ordered from the standard labs as per the dimensions of the tooth of child. There are various types of crowns available with varied prices :

  1. Zirconia
  2. titanium
  3. strip crowns
  4. Co-Cr Crowns
  5. SS crowns

Dental Implants




Dental Implants (Implantology)

In case of missing a tooth or a group of teeth, you need to go through a dental implant procedure. In simple words, when a non-natural tooth root replace with a defective organic one, it is called dental implants. At Peoples Dental clinic for dental implants in Greater Noida, tooth implant procedure or surgery is done using local anesthesia or general anesthesia especially depending on the case. Integration and healing of the implant or implants with jawbone happens over 3 to 6 months after which the bridges/crowns are attached and fabricated to the certain implants.

Orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening with metal braces on teeth in peoples dental clinic in greater noida by orthodontist

Orthodontic Treatment – Braces for Teeth Straightening


Crooked, irregular or mal-aligned teeth?  Contact us for Orthodontic treatment in just INR 22000/-.only.* offer valid till limited time period only. So hurry up.

Our orthodontist is expert in fast and result oriented treatment.

* Above prices are inclusive of complete orthodontic treatment with a set of metal braces.

* Retainers should be worn for at-least 6 months after the treatment completion. Retainers are not included in the offer.

* We allow relaxed payments with initial minimum treatment installment of INR 10000/- only.


Root canal treatment

Painless Root Canal treatment – RCT


We offer advanced painless Root Canal Treatment with latest technology at affordable price. Our Dentists make sure to relieve your pain, save your teeth and keep you smiling and eating your favorite foods.


A root canal treatment – RCT  saves and re-build a grossly infected and decayed tooth. It includes removing the infected tooth pulp, cleaning and disinfecting it with endodontic instruments. Then the tooth is restored with filling.

How is RCT done ?

When you consult our dentists for Root Canal Treatment, there are a number of steps that will occur while the treatment :

  1. X-ray – We will first take X-rays to show the decay location and its extent into the affected tooth.
  2. Anesthesia –  A local anesthesia is administered to the affected tooth with a view to work under painless conditions. Our Dentists are expert in administrating the local anesthetic delivery. They make your Root Canal Treatment journey absolutely painless.
  3. Pulp Removal – Under local Anesthesia your tooth pulp is extirpated from the root canal openings. We use best quality Endodontic files and instruments to remove infected pulp.
  4. Filling or Obturating – the roots opened (to get rid of the disease pulp) are filled with gutta percha material and sealed off with cement.
pit and fissure sealant by pediatric dentist in greater noida at peoples dental clinic

Pit and Fissure sealants

INR1000/- per tooth

Pit and Fissure sealants

The chewing surfaces of teeth are rough. They have certain depressions called Pit and Fissures. These serve as potential traps for food and bacteria making the teeth susceptible for decay. The pits and fissures have been the single most important anatomic feature leading to the development of tooth decay. Therefore as a preventive measure certain pits and fissure sealants are placed by Pediatric Dentist.

The decay inhibiting properties of sealants are attributed to the physical obstruction of the pits and grooves. This prevents penetration of caries-causing sugars and the bacteria. The safety and effectiveness of pit and fissure sealants as a decay preventive measure has been confirmed by the American Dental Association.

However, good professional judgment should be used in the selection of teeth and patients. These are contraindicated in cases of already existing decay which require fillings. Finally, although sealant application is relatively simple, the meticulous technique requires patient cooperation and should be postponed for uncooperative patients until the procedure can be properly executed.

Pulpectomy by pediatric dentists in greater noida and pulpotomy by child dentist in greater noida

Pulpectomy and Pulpotomy


The position of the dental pulp inside milk teeth is higher than that in permanent teeth. Therefore dental caries involves pulpal infection speedily in milk teeth. Once the carious lesion or tooth trauma lesion reaches this easily approachable pulp in milk teeth, it requires either pulpectomy or pulpotomy.

Pulpotomy is performed in initial contact of caries with dental pulp in milk teeth. Whereby only the partial dental pulp is excavated and filled over. In extensive carious lesions of milk tooth , Pulpectomy is carried out by the Pediatric Dentist.

space maintainer appliance by pediatric dentist in greater noida at peoples dental clinic with child dental treatments unit

Space Maintainer appliance


Space Maintainer

A space maintainer appliance is a removable or fixed oral appliance for kids. It is designed by Pediatric Dentist for children with pre-mature loss of milk teeth. It maintains spacing in milk teeth set. Space maintainers are usually fitted in children when they have lost baby teeth early. The gap left from losing this tooth needs to be held open for the permanent tooth to erupt in the correct position.

Therefore space maintainer guides the correct positioning of permanent tooth in future at right place in mouth. This also prevents crowding of teeth.

Teeth scaling teeth cleaning at peoples dental clinic in greater noida by expert dentists

Teeth Scaling


Call us as our expert dentists want to do best teeth scaling for you. Therefore, We use High quality Woodpecker Dental Ultrasonic Scalars only. Subsequently we will improve your overall fragrance, aesthetics, smile look and confidence. Don’t wait ! Avail teeth scaling to get rid of calculus, plaque, stains, gum problems and bad smell from mouth.

How many visits will be Employed in Teeth Scaling process?

Usually teeth scaling is completed in one or two visits depending on the Oral Hygiene status.

Do You need to pay extra for the second or subsequent visit?


Teeth whitening dental bleaching at peoples dental clinic in greater noida by dentists

Teeth Whitening – Dental Bleaching


Teeth Whitening by our Dentists is a  simple, hassle-free, safe and mouth friendly procedure. Call us for your sparkling smile. We make sure that you blow away their minds just by a smile.

Number of Sittings required

It depends on the type of color composition and stains present on the teeth surface. Usually you can observe a vast difference in a single sitting.

This may be done in multiple sittings for those with intense discolorations

For How Long will the whitening stay? 

Usually the effect of teeth whitening is till 1 – 1.5 years. However this may be curtailed due to adverse oral habits, poor oral hygiene and eating stain causing food regularly.

Is it safe ?

Yes. It is completely safe with no side-effects.

Wisdom tooth Extraction – Disimpaction


Wisdom Teeth Removal/Impactions

wisdom tooth extraction - disimpaction of third molarWisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the age of 17 to 24.  Most people have four wisdom teeth. But it is possible to have more or fewer. There is no problem when wisdom teeth are fully erupted in mouth. However in some individuals they may remain impacted inside due to smaller jaw sizes.

Subsequently impacted wisdom teeth can harm roots of adjacent tooth. They can result into painful infections inside bone. Contact us at Peoples Dental Clinic for booking an appointment with our Oral Surgeon for consultation regarding disimpaction of third molars.


Our Treatment Charges

Our Dental treatments are sharply focused on the best results. We keep in mind the cost and expense factor too. Achievability and Affordability of dental treatments are our key concerns. There are innumerable modes and possibilities of dental treatments as per the clinical situation of the dental problem or need. Most of such dental treatments have been listed below:

Our dental-treatment charges, in ` (Indian Rupee/INR), are broadly listed as follows. This list is for indicative purpose only – Treatment charges could vary from case-to-case and from time-to-time (e.g., according to the value of the currency in international markets):


Dental Implant :

from   25,000/-

Zygomatic Dental Implant

from   90000/-


Porcelain Metal Crown (Non-precious) {PFM, Metal-Ceramic} :

from   3,500/-

All-Ceramic Crown {Metal-free porcelain}

from   9,000/-

Veneer (Ceramic) :


Veneer (Composite) :



Full Denture set (Upper + Lower) :

from   15,000/-

Removable Partial Denture [Acrylic] :

from   1,500/-

Removable Partial Denture [Flexible] :

from   5,000/-


Cosmetic (Tooth-Colored) Filling :

from   900/-

Fluoride Filling :

from   500/-

Tooth-repair (Composite) :

from  2,000/-

Cosmetic-Shaping (Contouring/Coronoplasty) :


Home-Whitening :

from  6,000/-

In-Clinic Whitening :

from  9,000/-

Laser Gum-Depigmentation [per segment] :

from  5,000/-

Tooth-Crystal (Swarovski) :

from  2,000/-


Root Canal Treatment (R.C.T.) :

from  3,000/-

Endodontic surgery (e.g., Apicoectomy) :

from  8,000/-


Cleaning (Scaling & Polishing):

from   1,500/-

Deep-Cleaning (Curettage) [per tooth] :


Laser hygiene treatment [per quadrant] :


Gum Surgery [per quadrant] :


Bone Grafting :

from   5,000/-


Tooth-removal (Non-Surgical) :

from   800/-

Surgical/Impacted tooth removal :

from  4,000/-

Growth Removal :

from  3,000/-

Biopsy :

from   4,000/-


Metal :

from  30,000/-

Ceramic :

from  40,000/-


Fluoride-Filling :

from  500/-

Cleaning (Scaling) :

from   1,000/-

Sealant :


Fluoride Treatment [per arch] :


Pulpotomy :


R.C.T. (Milk tooth) :

from 3,000/-

Stainless Steel Crown (Pedo Crown) :


Habit-Breaking Appliance :

from  6,000/-

Space Maintainer :



Ulcer/ Sore pain-relief (by Laser, per site) :


Splinting of Loose Teeth (for support {per tooth}) :


Night-Guard [per arch]:


Payments  : Cash, Debit/Credit Cards,Tez Mobile Payments ( Google pay ), Paytm, Phone Pe, Online Payments, UPID 

Planning : We are Accepting New Patients, LGBTQ friendly, 

Opening Date : April, 2013

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