How Does an Appointment with Orthodontist Work?


How Does an Appointment with Orthodontist Work?

An appointment with an orthodontist is almost identical to one with a dentist. You’ll go to the medical office and remain seated until the desk clerk calls your name. At this point, you’ll head to the exam room. Since you probably received a referral to the orthodontist, you already know that you have an alignment problem with your teeth. Overbites and under-bites are the most common problems. Whatever the issue, the orthodontist will inspect your mouth to decide the best course of action.

For certain treatments, you should expect several return visits. That’s particularly true if you need braces. First, you’ll receive the diagnosis followed by a preparatory session and some x-rays. Next, you’ll have the braces installed. Afterward, you’ll visit on a regularly scheduled basis to make sure that the braces are in working order. Finally, the dentist will remove the braces. The entire process usually takes one to three years. Once the orthodontist removes the braces, your teeth have been successfully straightened.

When it comes to straightening your teeth, booking an appointment with dentist first is the best course of action. If your dentist believes you can be treated with Invisalign, you may not need to see an orthodontist at all. But your dentist will know best and will refer you to an orthodontic specialist if your case requires it.

If you do visit an orthodontist, you should have confidence that you’re visiting a skilled professional. While you may have to wear braces, an aligner, or metal headgear for a while, your orthodontist has your best interests at heart and will work to deliver you the best smile possible.

If your dental insurance covers orthodontics, it might be a good idea to consider starting the treatment towards the end of a calendar year so that your treatment payments can span 2 years since most insurance plans will have an annual limit. We make it easy to see all of our network offices that provide orthodontics or offices that provide Invisalign.